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Crown Chakra and Third Eye ChakraThe space between my two eyebrows moved up now.

It was sixth chakra, third eye chakra aka Ajna chakra (pronounced Agya chakra) in Sanskrit; its body anatomy ready to dissolve itself by aligning the central portion of the two jaws with each other by both of them moving up and down in order to get properly aligned. It’s known as third eye activation or third eye awakening as well.

As it happened so, the two lips narrowed in like they do when they kiss a kid which is different from sexually kissing an adult.

The central part of the upper jaw went up and backward whereas the central part of the lower jaw went down and forward.

The protrusions over the upper gum directly above the canine teeth tended to go wider at their upper extremities on both sides.

The temporomandibular joints on both sides tended to shift a little up as well. These are the main joints in the skull, responsible to move the jaws in a highly dynamic maneuver.

The entire face turned longish and sleek.

Third Eye ChakraIt dawned upon me later after I opened my crown chakra that all these changes were not the final postural destinations that our face had to undergo and settle down in.

They were rather a temporary transit camp on the way to ultimately open the crown chakra while keeping the chakra in question open. If it’s not opened before between the two eyebrows, you just cannot open the crown ever in a proper way.

We will expand this anatomical knowledge regarding these two chakras in coordination with each other later when we come to study the anatomy of the crown chakra the way it opened in my skull.

You can ask me any question by filling the form below, if you need asking anything regarding the sixth chakra, i.e., the third eye chakra aka Ajna chakra and its body anatomy!