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Solar Plexus Chakra aka Manipura: Body Anatomy

Solar Plexus ChakraThe raised thoracic diaphragm started moving back now.

It was the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra called Manipura chakra in Sanskrit; that was ready to dissolve itself with its backward motion taking the thoracic diaphragm horizontally back while maintaining its vertical height that it had gained while dissolving the sacral chakra just below it.

Again in this maneuver too, the care was to be taken that the hips would not push them forward; or else the entire maneuver would have gone distorted.

It wasn’t easy. The muscles supporting the lower back were contracted to their maximum in order to stretch the thoracic diaphragm, not only in its center which it had done while dissolving the sacral chakra; but in the middle of its sides, both left and right.

It was really not easy. The abdomen would really be tucked tight at the Hara while the stomach area above the belly button would protrude outside making room for the lungs to expand freely as much as they could.

No, the protruded stomach was not popping out as a big belly or a fat tummy as the abdomen had got so tightly tucked that it was looking a perfect flat tummy, giving a beautiful shape to the lower torso as far as body figure was concerned.

The protruded stomach would go in and out with every single exhale and inhale of breath in the lungs. The breathing had gone much smoother as well as fuller than before. The lungs would automatically take more air in and throw more air out, in a much better and more natural way that any Pranayama would ever be able to do.

The entire abdominopelvic cavity had undergone an intensive as well as an extensive toning all along its length and breadth. No curling up of the stomach over the abdomen anymore!

Solar Plexus Chakra aka Manipura: Body Anatomy

If done right, this maneuver alone was sufficient enough to take care of all the belly fat that people spend thousands of dollars to melt or burn with so many costly programs all the world over.

We shall talk about the effects of opening the third chakra, i.e., the solar plexus chakra or Manipura on the physiology of various different systems connected with the area of its location in our next blog post to come.

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