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Crown-ChakraThe anatomy and physiology of the crown chakra aka Sahasrara are associated not only with the posturing and the functioning of the organs in skull, in structure as well as in action; but also with the working of brain at its maximum efficiency.

Of course, here also the first effect goes on the structure of the eyeballs and the working of eyes as far as eyesight is concerned, only to do so in its completeness.

The eyeballs turn perfectly round when the eyes are looking at a far off point. When it happens so, the eyes focus only at one single point in order to see it clearer than the next point sitting just adjacent to it. This is what is called the central fixation.

Eyes are the borderline organ between the body and the brain. Central fixation of the eyes is the central fixation of the mind as well, and thence the central fixation of the brain!

It means the brain will focus on one single thing when the eyes are focusing on one single point. All the neurological pathways in the brain and the body go uninterrupted, freed from the mind’s compulsive thought process, and thus get clearly channeled on to the concern in the moment in its totality.

That’s what seven chakras meditation is aimed at achieving.


It takes the brain to be here and now.

Central fixation is a miracle achievment as far as 7 chakras in human body are concerned, if one is really able to master its process. It applies to the central fixation of the eyes, the central fixation of the mind and the central fixation of the brain equally. Mastering its process guarantees mastering your body, mastering your mind and mastering your life in totality.

We will look into its implications on health and energy in our next blog posts to come.

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