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Root Chakra Inducing Constipation & Other Lifestyle Diseases

Root Chakra aka MuladharaConstipation, majorly induced by a closed root chakra aka Muladhara chakra, is one of the most widespread lifestyle diseases throughout the world.

And constipation never comes alone, rather invites a host of its cousins along; namely belly fat, resulting in an ugly shaped pot belly, acidity, bleeding piles, loss of appetite, all kinds of foul smells including a smelling mouth, burping and farting in wrong places and at wrong times.

In all these cases people tend to posture their hips pulled forward resulting in their anus keeping squeezed all the time. The said posture also tends to keep the urethra squeezed numbing the urinary sensation in the urinary bladder.

More so, the pulled forward posture of hips and the squeezed anus are responsible even for poor sex performance including, though not limited to, premature ejaculation in males.

Constipation has become so common in the modern culture throughout the world these days that it’s no more considered to be a serious illness, it’s rather considered a way of life people are bound to compromise with. But closing the eyes to the coming trouble does not resolve the trouble, it rather accentuates it. You need to open your eyes and do something about it!

If and when the chakra in question gets dissolved, one thing is certain that you are going to get your belly fat dissolved, sooner or later, along.

The increased sensation and the frequency of urination acts as an additional flush through the kidneys, keeping the possibility of developing kidney stones or any other kidney disease at bay ever in life.

Not only this, but you also come to improve your time count on your intercourse considerably as well.

We only need to know how to open root chakra for root chakra healing out of all the seven chakras.

You can ask me any question by filling the form below, if you need asking anything regarding the effects of the root chakra aka Muladhara chakra on constipation or any of your lifestyle diseases!