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Root Chakra aka Muladhara Chakra: Body Anatomy

Root Chakra aka Muladhara I came to sense my root chakra, called Muladhara chakra in Sanskrit, getting dissolved in its body anatomy around my pelvic area and in my lower back exactly at coccyx, the pointed base of the spine.

It felt like some muscular tension was getting released in the entire area that stayed covered under the panties keeping it contracted in a very complex way.

As it released itself from its self-imposed contraction, I not only sensed a splurge of relief but also a surge of energetic thrill enveloping the entire area.

The different body parts in the area had, in a postural way, reorganized themselves in relation to one another.

The anus sensed being opened up like it does while defecating; and as it did so, the total butt got pushed back in a real significant way widening itself in the process as well.

It was exactly like when we pull out back during sexual intercourse while we are pushing in and pulling out whether as a male or as a female.

The pelvis got pushed back too; as the lower portion of the spine, a little above the first inward curve of the coccyx, came out of its habitual inward curve to an outward one turning the shape of the lower back from convex to concave.

The thrust of my butt, while sitting on a chair, completely shifted its location on my pelvis from its near-anus end to its near-urethra end. The hips were no more touching the seat, rather only the under-sides of the thighs were!

Also the lower abdomen including the pubic area had got pushed back imparting a beautiful shape to the area below the belly button.

It was feeling to me being a posture of readiness for the sake of taking immediate action in order to preserve the biological existence through sensing the environment in its acutest details.

But the beauty was that the same readiness was imparting the best relaxation to my body as well!

And the most important of all was the sensing of a surge of energetic thrill going active in my pelvic area as my root chakra dissolved itself loosening its muscular contractions over there.

I had come to know how to open root chakra for root chakra healing out of all the seven chakras in the body!

In my next blog post, I will tell you how this anatomical change in the posture around my pelvis affected the physiological processes over there. You can also ask me any question by filling the form below, if you need asking anything regarding the root chakra aka Muladhara chakra and its body anatomy!