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Neck and Shoulder PainIn my chakra healing practice, I have treated countless patients of spondylitis, neck and shoulder pain. As they join my workshop, I can see the lines of pain on their faces that their aching shoulders and necks have drawn on them in an almost permanent way.

They had already tried long sessions of physiotherapy sessions for neck pain as well as for shoulder pain, and had been getting temporary relief from them; but were never able to permanently cure this debilitating condition of theirs.

I remember treating my first case of spondylitis, a lady in her late thirties, who had excruciating neck and shoulder pain along, even before I had started doing my chakra healing workshops in a professional way. I had a physiotherapist and this lady as my communication skill trainees at my center. The physiotherapist was a young lady in her early twenties who had recently started her private practice in the city.

Neck and Shoulder PainAs the two of them got introduced to each other during my sessions with them, they came to discover that the two of them needed each other. I kept observing their interaction.

The lady in her thirties started going for physiotherapy sessions along with her physiotherapist batch mate every day after the session was over.

I kept a track of her condition that seemed to get some relief in the next few days. She told that she was getting therapeutic massages from that physiotherapist and they really felt very soothing to her. It kept going for quite a long period of time.

Neck and Shoulder PainSuddenly this lady had to take leave of my sessions as well as those of the physiotherapist for around a week, as she had to leave town for attending a seminar at her place of work.

As she returned after a week, I was shocked to look at her face, which was telling the story of her excruciating pain that she was going through. Even the physiotherapist was not able to speak a word, and just kept looking at her, tight-lipped.

The lady discontinued her physiotherapy sessions and was in acute pain when I proposed to her trying my chakra healing experiment over her body. She was so badly disappointed with every other thing that she immediately said yes to my proposal.

Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

We started working together through re-posturing her body starting from opening the root and slowly going upward along the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart and the throat chakras.

As we started our work with the last-mentioned, i.e., the throat chakra; she immediately started showing signs of relief with all the three pains of hers including spondylitis, neck and shoulder pain.

The two of us were greatly encouraged by the speed of improvement that she had shown along this path of treatment. Now my only concern was that the extraordinary improvement which she had earned through re-posturing her body should stay there as an extraordinary relief in a permanent way in her future life to come.

She sensed my concern along with the freedom from pain that she had acquired in a miraculously fast way, and made it a point to never let her body go back to her habitual posture again. She never had any relapse since then till date.

Now when I professionally treat almost all chronic lifestyle diseases through chakra healing, I feel thankful to her for being the subject of my research when I myself was not 100% sure that my treatment method would be able to cure her in a permanent way.

You can ask me any question by filling the form below, if you need asking anything regarding spondylitis, neck and shoulder pain relief through opening chakras in the body.