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MyopiaVision problems of myopia respond better to chakra healing than to Lasik eye surgery.

I say it because I know it. I have treated hundreds of myopic cases through opening their chakras by re-posturing their body; and if their diopter number was not too high, it instantaneously brought their vision to 20/20.

Later they only needed keeping their chakras open making it the first nature of their body posture whether while sitting, standing, walking, running or even lying down on their bed.

It took them a few months to make it the first nature of their body posture.

In many cases, I didn’t even need opening all their chakras; only opening the third eye chakra and the crown chakra did the job.

I myself was a myopic till 53 years of my age, when I accidentally cleared my lifelong eye blur in one single moment like magic.

I had unknowingly opened my third eye chakra and the crown chakra spontaneously though I didn’t know it then what I had done to myself in order to start seeing everything at a distance as clear as I had never seen all through my life.

It was only later during the next two years that I researched day and night on my own body and turned my sporadic episode of instant vision correction into a well formulated system of not only treating myopia or all other vision problems but also of treating almost all lifestyle diseases through chakra healing by opening chakras in the body.

Vision ProblemsDuring my treatment sessions treating myopia as well as other vision problems through chakra healing, I came across quite a few patients who had gone for a successful Lasik eye surgery a few years ago, but kept falling back to their old pattern of successively seeing blurred more and more during all these years; and by the time they contacted me, they had already fallen back to exactly the same degree of blur that they had before they had gone for their Lasik eye surgery treatment.

Lasik eye surgery just does not heal the eye, it rather only changes cornea to permanent eyeglasses or contact lenses inside it rather than in front of it.

What is actually done is that a cut is made with a knife, called a ‘microkeratome’ in the stromal layer of cornea to make a flap, and the flap is folded backward.

LasikPulses from a computer-controlled laser vaporize portions of the stroma as per computer program in order to change its shape according to the calculated design of the requirement; and then the flap is set back in place.

Can we call it myopia treatment at all?

Or is it just a kind of management exactly like the one done by eyeglasses or contact lenses, only a little more comfortable to wear permanently even if we leave the side-effects aside?

And what about my patients who fell back to their old blur in as short duration as only 6 to 8 years for most of them?

You can ask me any question by filling the form below, if you need asking anything regarding correcting myopia or other vision problems concerning errors of refractive index through chakra healing by opening chakras for once and for all.