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Chakras vis-à-vis Kundalini Energy

0 Reviewed by G B SINGH

Chakras vis-à-vis Kundalini EnergyChakras have something to do with energy.

It is kundalini energy – the energy oneness – which keeps rotating through the body in order to keep us alive. The smoother the rotation, the more lively we are, and the higher is the energy level at which we live our life and perform our actions.

Chakras simply turn the path of this energy, which keeps continuously passing through the body, from a straight line to a rotating whirl at their locations in which it viciously gets trapped and is not able to move further easily.

Chakras vis-à-vis Kundalini EnergyOnly a small part of it is somehow able to avoid the trap and move further on its way in order to keep us alive, though at a seriously low energy level.

In such a scenario, which is a common scene with almost the entire humanity having lost its energy oneness, the kundalini energy is said to keep lying dormant at the base of the spine, somehow trickling just the minimal energy on to its path of rotation that keeps us alive at a minimal energy level.

People, without having their firsthand experience, interpreted chakras as nodes of energy; thus perpetuating a belief in the common masses that they are the storehouses of energy in the body.

Chakras vis-à-vis Kundalini EnergyI sensed their location and presence in my own body, which told me in no ambiguous words that their very presence was hindering the flow of energy through my body.

And as I dissolved them one by one by one, the freed up flow of the kundalini energy through my body that I could very well sense rising toward my head, completed the final chapters of the entire discipline in a crystal clear language in my body as well as in my mind, which now very well knew what essentially was happening to my body.

In my next blog post, I will take up the story of what in fact was happening to my body.