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InsomniaChakra healing treating sleep disorders including narcolepsy and providing chronic insomnia relief through opening chakras comes to its best in doing it as speedily as in one single day!

As the chakras are opened, especially the third eye and the crown chakras, the body enters into an extremely active state though it is not doing any action at all; still it sits or stands, or even lies down in as ready a state as it is relaxed with its muscular armor not contracted at all.

‘Ready and relaxed’ is the key that the body acquires at its disposal, not only while sleep but also while wide awake during the day. It requires dealing with a certain resistance in the beginning phase of opening chakras that the habitual contracted state of muscular armor challenges it with all through the day as well as all through the night, tending to close the chakras that have just been opened recently.

Insomnia Relief - Chakra HealingThe body that has recently opened its chakras responds to this relapsing tendency of falling back to the old patterns of posturing the body at the hands of rigidified muscular armor by taking up a conscious action of keeping this lethargic muscular contraction away from its newly acquired disposition.

It’s work, and it’s real hard work for that matter all through the day that automatically keeps narcolepsy away; and as the day dusks, the chakra practitioner is so much exhausted by its moment to moment work that it kept doing all through the day without really doing anything at all that the body just falls down on the bed like a log and doesn’t even know where it is until it wakes up in the morning next day, fully refreshed and ready to keep the lethargic muscular contraction away from its disposition the next day again!

Howsoever obstinate one’s chronic problem may be, opening chakras facilitates the the relief instantaneously the very day one starts opening chakras, with all other sleep disorders along.

And thus it goes on and on until the habitual resistance of the muscular armor give in to the new postural disposition of the practitioner’s body, making it its first nature not only in the body but in the mind as well.

Chakra HealingBy the time it happens so, the body and the mind have gone so relaxed and the sleep has gone so sound through this process of treating sleep disorders relief that now the body needs much less sleep than it did for getting fully refreshed during the beginning days of opening chakras when it had needed fighting against the habitual contracted state of muscular armor it was challenging it with.

It’s all my very personal experiential journey that I am familiarizing you with through my chakra opening process that I underwent as I opened my chakras instantaneously on December 12, 2004; and then went through the process of keeping them open by making my new body posture the very first nature of my body slowly and gradually along the passage of time months and years ahead.

You can ask me any question by filling the form below, if you need asking anything regarding chakra healing treating sleep disorders including narcolepsy and providing chronic insomnia relief.