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Anahata: Heart disease, High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack

Heart ChakraHeart disease with high blood pressure or hypertension, heart attack and heart failure are the lifestyle diseases that a closed heart chakra aka Anahata is responsible for.

They specifically include coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, cardiovascular disease and congestive cardiac failure along with other cardiopathic conditions.

As of 2007, they are the leading cause of death throughout the world killing one person every 34 seconds in the United States alone.

Heart disease addresses all diseases affecting the cardiovascular system, mainly cardiac disease, vascular diseases of brain and kidney, and peripheral arterial disease.

Every year over 459,000 Americans die of coronary cardiac disease alone, which is a failure of the coronary circulation in supplying proper circulation to the cardiac muscle and its surrounding tissue.

Heart DiseaseCardiomyopathy literally means “heart muscle disease”.

Cardiovascular disease is an umbrella term covering diseases affecting the heart and the vascular system, i.e., the veins and arteries leading to and from the heart.

Congestive cardiac failure is a consequence of any structural or functional cardiac disorder impairing the ability of the heart to pump sufficient blood throughout the body.

Persistent high blood pressure or hypertension is a major reason of stroke, heart attack, heart failure and arterial aneurysm, as well as a leading cause of chronic kidney failure.

Research has been done to investigate the benefits of melatonin on heart disease prevention and cure. Melatonin is a pineal gland secretion that has been shown to be able to lower total cholesterol.

As the chakra opens up by dissolving the frozen shoulder that a contracted pectoralis minor has caused through all the years of keeping the shoulders stiff, the overall cardiovascular condition immediately starts repairing itself in a miraculous way.

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