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Crown Chakra Blocking Free Energy of Kundalini Flow

Crown ChakraThe free energy of Kundalini flow, when gets blocked by a closed crown chakra aka Sahasrara chakra, simply renders all the work done with the opening of the lower chakras as undone and ineffective as far as mobilizing the energy through its circuitous route via the spinal cord in the body is concerned; ultimately tending them all to close again in the due course of time.

In fact what the opening of third eye chakra does to us at a human level, the opening of the crown chakra extends the same to a super-human one.

The ultimate human evolution, as far as full human potential is concerned, remains incomplete unless the seventh chakra is opened along with the rest of them all.

Conversely speaking, an open crown guarantees that the rest of them all are open too.

Crown ChakraIt opens the last gate that had been obstructing the flow of energy to complete its circuitous path entering the body through the root chakra and leaving it from the crown in order to enter the root again, and thus keep its flow dynamic.

It relaxes every single muscle in the body to be in its highest state of efficiency as and when an action is to be done in its totality.

As the muscles get relaxed and ready, mind follows suit too. All stress is relieved and the mind rests in ultimate peace as it comes to its state of being in here and now.

You turn to be your own master rather than being a puppet in the hands of what your destiny had written for you. You write tour own story with your own pen in your own ink!

You go capable of turning not only your own life but also the life of humanity into a heaven to live.


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