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KundaliniThe free energy of Kundalini flow, when gets blocked by third eye chakra aka Ajna chakra (sometimes written as Agya chakra), severs the organism’s connection with outside world to a considerable extent, either in the close vicinity of it or in the alienation of distance far away from it along with the distortions that it generates in both of them.

It all started with the human species standing on its twos from its fours in the process of evolution.

Standing on twos was challenging the gravity to a much greater extent than it was when our evolutionary ancestors stood on their fours.

Humans experience much greater a pull of gravity on their bodies downwards than animals do so.

Also standing on twos changed the direction of the face exactly by 90 degrees like it had changed that of the torso, in order to re-posture it against the downward pull of the gravity if it was to keep looking straight in front of the body.

It again fell victim to an increased pull of gravity on its jaws along with its temporomadibular joints.

Third Eye ChakraSlowly and gradually in the struggle of social existence for mastering not only the planet but also the outside nature, it went on ignoring its inherent inner nature and kept giving in to the pull of gravity by dropping its crucial organs down by squeezing them in.

That’s how two new chakras came into existence as closed, namely the third eye chakra and the crown chakra which were not at all there till we were on our fours.

But the evolution has not yet been complete.

We as a species have to complete it now by opening all our 7 chakras in one single go with the help of the gray matter that only this evolution has endowed us with!

We need third eye activation in this phase of our evolution now.

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