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Heart ChakraAs the free energy of Kundalini flow gets blocked by the heart chakra, it ends up in clogging not only the flow of blood, but the flow of almost everything in your life.

As it happens so, we tend to shrink within our own self, slouching our shoulders in the process.

Which mental disposition makes us slouch our shoulders?

It’s simply the mental hurry that our psyche resorts to in whatever we are doing!

But how does the equation form itself?

Well, if we are ambitious, we will sure be in mental hurry to fulfill those ambitions.

Let us accumulate today, and tomorrow we shall spend it to enjoy!

The more and the earlier, the better we will be able to do so!

Our shoulders tend to push us forward, generating a forward slouch in them narrowing the chest and, in the process, heart also.

We turn into a petty soul.

The world turns into a battle field for us and the people around, our hostile competitors who we need winning the battle from.

They are our potential enemies always throwing challenges on us.

Our shoulders assume defensive stance against them as they interact with us.

We want to achieve their loyalty without ever accepting them as our fellow humans.

We want to be number 1!

Success becomes our reason to live.

Our social culture further reinforces these values in our mind.

We go on alienating ourselves from the world around.

We get buried in the grave of our own little, petty self!

The dead men walking and the dead men talking!!

Heart ChakraWe get entrapped in the vicious circle of our loneliness with our soul craving hard to be loved by everyone around without our ever loving them without any condition.

We crave to go rich.

We crave to go famous.

The rich and the famous!

Isn’t it this only that the entire world is craving for, today?

We feel we are insecure, out in the world around.

We also feel we need to keep our armor intact.

Our muscular armor provides us with our safety shield around our soul.

And the soul forgets how to flow with the free energy of Kundalini flowing through our body as it gets blocked at the location of the blocked heart chakra along our torso.

Heart chakra meditation done to unblock the seven chakras starts showing heart chakra opening symptoms in due course of time.

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