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Sacral Chakra aka SvadisthanaSacral chakra, when closed, blocks the free energy of Kundalini flow that has either been freed along its route through the root chakra below, opening its gates to its flow; or else the little trickles of it that have escaped around the closed gates of the chakra below.

It’s not that all the seven chakras are always 100% closed. In fact, had they been so we wouldn’t have been left with any supply of life energy passing through our body, which would have left us a dead man or a dead woman within no time.

As the root chakra opens up through dissolving its muscular contractions around the pelvis and the lower back, the free energy of Kundalini flow is able to move one step up to the second chakra, i.e., the sacral chakra, where it again turns into a swirling whirl moving in a vicious circle of its own distorted flow.

It is the hara, two inches below the belly button that the sacral chakra centers around.

What happens here is that we are not able to hold up an accumulation of energy in the lower part of our torso, since the muscles over there (1) need GETTING stretched to that extent in order to summon it up to that height along the body length; and (2) need KEEPING stretched for the duration of time that we want to hold the energy within.

Now what the process of sex does to our bodies is that it stretches their lower parts to the extent of the passion that we have for our partner in our psyche. Hence the muscular contractions around the abdomen get temporarily dissolved allowing the free energy of Kundalini to start flowing in through the lower body up toward the head.

But our muscles are not habitual of it. They cannot bear the ‘strain’ of getting stretched out of their habitual contraction for long. They tend to contract again, throwing all the energy accumulated during the entire episode of sex.

It’s only that they either accumulate very little of this energy; explaining what impotence, ejaculatory incompetence, orgasmic dysfunction, vaginismus, frigidity and a poor sex performance owing to the lack of mature orgasm in men and women stands for; or else they throw it out a little too early, explaining what premature ejaculation stands for.

The body settles down in a contracted abdomen; and the mind, in a shell around its own little self, concerned with a contradictory disposition of getting rid of the feces in the rectum and urine in the bladder, as well as of keeping them there.

Something like eating your cake and having it too!

The body loses its defecation and urinary sensitivities. The more you habitually control the two, the less you feel the sex urge in the body as well as the less duration you can keep it in. The mind starts thinking about getting and keeping more and more of worldly materials in its possession rather than enjoying them here and now.

Enjoying them here and now would have resulted in a stretch up abdomen ending up in a good, healthy sex!

But alas, it does not!

It hopes to enjoy them in the future, turns greedy, and goes happy.

Happiness (it’s always for the impending future!) replacing the enjoyment of the moment!

All the sacral chakra issues!!

Sacral chakra meditation is the only way to effect sacral chakra healing.

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