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Chakras Vs Energy Oneness

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Chakras Vs Energy Oneness

Chakras Vs Energy OnenessWhat do chakras essentially mean?

Popular belief takes them to be the storehouses of energy oneness in the body.

Nothing can be farther from truth than this.

The word itself comes from the language Sanskrit and means a wheel or a circle, meaning thereby that energy which was meant to pass straight through the body is held up in a rotating or a viciously swirling motion when it reaches the location where a chakra lies established.

And there are seven of them in the body!

It gets obstructed at all of them to a very high degree.

Chakras Vs Energy OnenessOnly a limited portion of this energy oneness is able to pass through the crown of the head in order to complete its flow, just like the flow of electricity in a wired system.

They act like resistance in the path of a smooth flow of energy through the body.

They are like the whirls in the linear flow of energy, like we find at places in the rivers obstructing the free, linear flow of water in them.

What on earth are they good for, then?

They certainly are! They are good to open through a process of dissolving them in the musculo-postural system of our body.

What does it mean exactly?

It’s an established fact that we generate a unique muscular armor in our body that decides what our personality exactly is and how it differs from the personalities of the people around us.

Every personality is as unique as people’s personal faces are. The only difference between the two is that the faces cannot be changed whereas the personalities can easily be changed through changing this muscular armor in the body.

And the personalities must change since the ones we have are not very pleasing ones in general.

This is what the entire discipline of body chakras deals with.

In my next blog post, I will be defining and describing chakras in terms of the musculo-postural system that has habitually gone distorted, not in one or two persons around, but in the entire humanity on the whole.