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Constipation Pain

Constipation Pain

Chakra healing, cleansing the digestive system, is undoubtedly the best of all chronic constipation remedies out there that a major chunk of human population all through the world perennially keeps depending on as well as trying one after another, though without any permanent relief from any of the digestive problems, digestive disorders, or digestive diseases whatsoever.

The widespread problem that has assumed epidemic proportions by now has to do with irregular bowel movements and hard to pass stool resulting in fecal impaction or bowel obstruction.

What is the basic reason for constipation?

The causes vary between obstructed defecation and colonic slow transit, the former being mechanical and functional in nature whereas the latter has dietary and hormonal causes for its existence.

People often go for laxatives and enemas to get rid of the problem, which only provide a temporary relief without ever addressing the root cause of it. Changing dietary habit does not seem to do much good too.

Voluntary withholding of the stool as a lifestyle conditioning is the most common cause that leads to the chronic stage of the problem.

Now the question is as to where this lifestyle conditioning basically comes from.

ConstipationIt is a question that will have to seek its answer in the cultural value system of the human society. We as parents are always very keen to toilet-train our kids as early in life as possible as well as to immediately stop them as they naturally start playing with their genitals as early in their growth cycle as when they are only a few months old. As a result, the delicate kids start keeping their anal sphincters as tight as they can as and when they need passing stool in the situations that socially do not warrant for the act. When they tighten their anal sphincters for long, they do have to assume a pushed-in posture of the hips affecting their total body posture in a pulled-down and a tucked-in stance.

Slowly and gradually this conscious skeletal maneuver goes on becoming an unconscious part of how they posture their body in general, all through the day. As a result the lower torso chakras named the root chakra, the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra get closed in their musculature; obstructing the flow of kundalini energy through them, which further leads to aggravating the problem, adding loss of natural appetite along through replacing it with a preference for junk food, which further works as an additional cause to aggravate the problem still further.

Ultimately it all turns into a vicious circle that never lets you come out of its clutches all through the life!

How to break through the circle?

Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

The only natural way out that works is opening the chakras that had initially caused the problem in the very beginning as it had been imposed on our mind body system by the unscientific insistence of our anti-natural human culture on this planet.

Chakra healing is not only the best of all chronic constipation remedies out there; it is the only cure for chronic constipation that works!

Once you have opened your chakras through chakra healing process that spreads over a little less or a little more than one full year, you will never again need any other chronic constipation remedies which you might have gone addictively habitual of, by now.

You can ask me any question by filling the form below, if you need asking anything regarding how chakra healing can do that no other chronic constipation remedies have ever been able to achieve through the passage of the human history since times immemorial.