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Chakra Balancing Versus Chakra Dissolving

Chakra Balancing Versus Chakra DissolvingWas it chakra balancing or was I dissolving something in my body? Could it be called chakra dissolving?

No, I was not balancing anything at all!

I know I am speaking against an established norm that this discipline has been following since ages past. But has this norm ever clarified itself crystal clear to the minds of the masses? Why does it keep itself so esoteric?

Or is it that people don’t really understand what the whole thing called chakra balancing is really all about?

I do doubt so. And I did doubt so when I started searching for the real concrete meaning of the whole thing but just could not make any real sense of what I came across through what all was available to be studied in the topics concerning the entire discipline of it.

Everything that I put my hands on was a pathetic repetition of one another in the petty spirit of ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours’. The same old wine that the scriptures had brewed once was being served in new bottles time and again… and again… and again.

So ultimately I had to lean back to my own personal resources, which were (1) my first accidental experience on December 12, 2004 and (2) my research oriented sensitivity to whatever was happening inside my own body and mind as I was going on taking the said experience to its extremes in all the parts of my body wherever it was being affected by it.

What all were the parts of my body that were being affected by it and in which way were they doing so?

It was a real tough perception to clearly look into it in its vividness. It required extreme physical and mental sensitivities to do so. I was deeply inside an intricately detailed research on chakra healing and chakra therapy. I was going to discover new chakra healing techniques.

Chakra balancing versus chakra dissolving was the question I was wrestling with.

I was not balancing anything; I was rather dissolving many things!

I needed to know chakras and their meanings…