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Chakra Test

I have designed an objectively correct 3 Minute Chakra Test for you to test your chakra health with this free chakra test. It does not mean that your chakra health may not change with the passage of time, but it will do so only if you take an active initiative to change it in a positive way.


  • The 10 questions that have been asked in this 3 Minute Chakra Test are not any vague questions like the ones the creators of such tests often ask in their questionnaires. They are not even psychological or spiritual questions; rather they are very concrete anatomical questions. These anatomical questions have an intimately close association with the state of chakras in the body anatomy that takes its shape with the kind of body posture one has become habitual of keeping the way it right now is.
  • It’s a free chakra test but it’s really an accurate one. It’s not something that has been created for your entertainment or for your curiosity to have a blind faith on the esoteric associations these chakras are said to have with the mental and spiritual state of one’s existence.
  • You must make it a point to be extremely observant as well as totally honest while choosing your options to answer these questions in this 3 Minute Chakra Test, otherwise it will make no real sense as it will give you the hyped up results. If you get such hyped up results with this free chakra test, they will give you a false satisfaction regarding the state of your chakra health and you will never make any effort to set it right.
  • Keep it in mind that despite its being free, you are getting an opportunity to get a very accurate result that has never been offered before as far as testing chakra health in a strictly scientific way is concerned. I will like to tell you another thing here that a single chakra can never be fully open without other chakras in its vicinity being open too. Hence this test does not claim to tell individual chakras as open or closed, it does so for a chakra group in the vicinity of one another. Also what it conclusively tells is the overall state of your entire chakra health.


Use this 3 Minute Chakra Test to test your chakra health with my free chakra test now!

3 Minute Chakra Test

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