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The free energy of Kundalini flow, when gets blocked by third eye chakra aka Ajna chakra (sometimes written as Agya chakra), severs the organism’s connection with outside world to a considerable extent, either in the close vicinity of it or in the alienation of distance far away from it along

Third Eye Chakra Diseases: Vision Problems, Signs of Stress Third eye chakra is responsible for vision problems of myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism; chronic headaches and all the mind games we play creating signs of stress not only in our mind but also in our body. Eyes are rightly said

The anatomy and physiology of the third eye chakra aka Ajna chakra are associated with the posturing and the functioning of the organs in skull, in structure as well as in action. The first effect goes on the structure of the eyeballs and the working of eyes as far as eyesight is concerned. There ar

The space between my two eyebrows moved up now. It was sixth chakra, third eye chakra aka Ajna chakra (pronounced Agya chakra) in Sanskrit; its body anatomy ready to dissolve itself by aligning the central portion of the two jaws with each other by both of them moving up and down in order to get [&h