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Root chakra not only induces lifestyle diseases but also blocks free energy of kundalini flow from rising above its location in the body where, by dint of lying closed in its path, it turns its streamline flow into a swirling whirl of energy moving in a vicious circle of its own distorted flow. The

Root Chakra Inducing Constipation & Other Lifestyle Diseases Constipation, majorly induced by a closed root chakra aka Muladhara chakra, is one of the most widespread lifestyle diseases throughout the world. And constipation never comes alone, rather invites a host of its cousins along; namely

Anatomy and Physiology of Root Chakra aka Muladhara Chakra The anatomy and physiology of the root chakra aka Muladhara chakra are closely knit together. In fact the two – the anatomy and physiology – are always symbiotic to each other in any and every organ or system in the body. If they

Root Chakra aka Muladhara Chakra: Body Anatomy I came to sense my root chakra, called Muladhara chakra in Sanskrit, getting dissolved in its body anatomy around my pelvic area and in my lower back exactly at coccyx, the pointed base of the spine. It felt like some muscular tension was getting releas