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As the free energy of Kundalini flow gets blocked by the heart chakra, it ends up in clogging not only the flow of blood, but the flow of almost everything in your life. As it happens so, we tend to shrink within our own self, slouching our shoulders in the process. Which mental disposition makes [&

Anahata: Heart disease, High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack Heart disease with high blood pressure or hypertension, heart attack and heart failure are the lifestyle diseases that a closed heart chakra aka Anahata is responsible for. They specifically include coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy,

The anatomy and physiology of the heart chakra aka Anahata are associated with those of the circulatory system or cardiovascular system. As the chakra gets dissolved, the organ of heart as a muscle no more remains constricted as well as receives more oxygenated blood back from the lungs extra-activa

Now was the turn of pectoralis minor. It was the fourth chakra, the heart chakra called Anahata in Sanskrit; its body anatomy ready to dissolve itself by dissolving the frozen shoulder that a contracted pectoralis minor had caused through all the years of keeping the shoulders stiff to a considerabl