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Chakra Balancing Versus Chakra Dissolving Was it chakra balancing or was I dissolving something in my body? Could it be called chakra dissolving? No, I was not balancing anything at all! I know I am speaking against an established norm that this discipline has been following since ages past. But has

Dissolving Chakras: No Kundalini Yoga or Kundalini Awakening Needed Kundalini awakening through kundalini yoga was nothing else but dissolving chakras alone, I learned. As my body jumped into a new postural state, temporarily dissolving all the seven of them through the length and breadth of it on D

Chakras vis-à-vis Kundalini Energy

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Chakras have something to do with energy. It is kundalini energy – the energy oneness – which keeps rotating through the body in order to keep us alive. The smoother the rotation, the more lively we are, and the higher is the energy level at which we live our life and perform our actions

Chakras Vs Energy Oneness

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Chakras Vs Energy Oneness What do chakras essentially mean? Popular belief takes them to be the storehouses of energy oneness in the body. Nothing can be farther from truth than this. The word itself comes from the language Sanskrit and means a wheel or a circle, meaning thereby that energy which wa

7 Chakras: Been There Done That

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7 Chakras: Been There Done That 7 chakras, as they are being presented in front of the world as an esoteric package, are far from common sense apprehension, what to say of their comprehension as a discipline to follow. In my opinion, it is so because the ones who are presenting, or say, representing