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Heart ChakraThe anatomy and physiology of the heart chakra aka Anahata are associated with those of the circulatory system or cardiovascular system.

As the chakra gets dissolved, the organ of heart as a muscle no more remains constricted as well as receives more oxygenated blood back from the lungs extra-activated through opening the solar plexus chakra.

Hence the heart is able to pump out more volume of pure oxygenated blood in its one single stroke that it doesn’t need to push very hard; and if the arteries are not already clogged, it tends to lower the pressure with which the blood is pumped out into the aorta.

Cardiovascular physiology is the study of the circulatory system or cardiovascular system. More specifically, it addresses the physiology of the heart (cardio) and blood vessels (vascular).

Prolonged aerobic exercise training that dissolving the solar plexus chakra automatically imparts to the body may also increase stroke volume, which frequently results in a lower (resting) heart rate.

Reduced heart rate prolongs ventricular diastole (filling), increasing end-diastolic volume, and ultimately allowing more blood to be ejected.

Heart DiseaseSome observed signs and symptoms suggest that the high blood pressure is caused by disorders in hormone regulation as well, which is a direct consequence of the neighboring chakra, i.e., the throat chakra, being closed.

So in combination with the solar plexus and the throat chakras, the chakra in question takes care of the well-being of heart along with cardiovascular physiology.

It should be kept in mind that all the seven chakras get affected by their neighboring body chakras both above them and below as far as their own state of blockage is concerned, hence it is always advisable to work on heart chakra meditation in the neighborhood group of three, one below and the other above it.

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