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7 Chakras: Been There Done That

0 Reviewed by G B SINGH

7 Chakras: Been There Done That

7 Chakras: Been There Done That7 chakras, as they are being presented in front of the world as an esoteric package, are far from common sense apprehension, what to say of their comprehension as a discipline to follow.

In my opinion, it is so because the ones who are presenting, or say, representing them through copying their attributes from the ancient scriptures are not able to impart them a concrete modern language that everyone would be able to appreciate and experience in one’s own body.

Scriptures only give their codes without explaining them in a clear and concise language. Anywhere you search about the seven chakras, you are not going to get anything else but the codes, being copied from one to the other and from the other to another…

Who knows about them as a firsthand experience and not merely a secondhand information, and that too a coded one? I doubt if many people do!

Who has that sense of been there done that while enumerating the benefits of the 7 chakras in their presentations whether in action or in ink? Again I doubt if many people do.

What I am bothered about is bringing this fascinating discipline out of its esoteric blur into the clear light of the real scientific knowledge. The discipline is so fascinating that doing so will not only enhance its approach to the common people around but also expand the dimensions of the language that the scientific knowledge is using at the moment.

7 Chakras: Been There Done That

A miracle is that science which has not been understood by the scientific discipline yet!

I have been there, I have done that!

I want to tell you the story of my excursion through the land of chakras in a clear, concise and interesting language.

And I will do it in a completely objective and strictly scientific manner.

Give me an ear to listen…