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7 Chakras: Chakra Balancing for Chakra Healing

  • 7 chakras are 7 energy nodes in the body that trap the cosmic pranic energy in a whirl on its way through the spinal cord in case they are not open to let the energy pass through without any resistance in its path, i.e., they are closed which they generally are!

  • Kundalini Energy: We need to open all 7 chakras by dissolving these fibrous nodes so that they no more trap energy named kundalini which, under its normal flow through the spinal cord, is the mother of all medicine on earth in the name of chakra healing as far as making and keeping the body and the mind in their perfect state of health is concerned.

  • Chakra Healing: Chakra balancing is the process of opening all 7 chakras by dissolving these fibrous nodes through chakra meditation done under a strict postural discipline making it a way of life 24x7. Chakra healing done through chakra balancing under such a strict postural discipline ends up in a youthful body which is taut, flexible and agile as well as in a peaceful mind which is sharp, sane and relaxed.

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Chakra healing treating sleep disorders including narcolepsy and providing chronic insomnia relief through opening chakras comes to its best in doing it as speedily as in one single day! As the chakras are opened, especially the third eye and the crown chakras, the body enters into an extremely acti

Sexual disorders bring the joy of sexual intercourse down even if best sex positions are employed during the act. Chakra healing through opening chakras promises to cure almost all sex problems including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, frigidity, hypoactive sexual desire dis

Chakra healing through opening chakras has its most direct effect on personality disorders, whether they are common psychological disorders, debilitating mental disorders, pathological psychotic disorders or else the antisocial deviations in the personality. These disorders of personality or behavio

Weight Loss Tips: How to Lose Weight Fast by Chakra Healing I call them chakra healing healthy weight loss tips for fat people, telling how to lose weight fast and also taking care of how to lose it permanently; with the body ingraining a tendency never to accumulate fat again, be it belly fat, fat

Heart disease is an umbrella term comprising many cardiac diseases, addressable by chakra healing in a miraculously amazing way. The various types of heart diseases are coronary cardiopathy, cardiomyopathy, cardiovascular disease, ischemic cardiopathy, heart failure, hypertensive cardiopathy, inflam

Hypertension or high blood pressure and hypotension or low blood pressure are curable by chakra healing, which not only takes care of the high part of the pressure but also equally of the pathological low part of it through creating a balance between the effects of the sympathetic nervous system and

Osteoarthritis causes excruciating joint pain. I found chakra healing yielding arthritis pain relief to a great extent if not 100% so. The extent of relief depends on the extent to which the loss of cartilage between the joint bones has already taken place. But it does stop the condition from deteri